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At Whiskers & Hounds, we recognize the immense impact pet parents have on the health and well-being of our furry friends. 18 years of experience in the pet industry have taught us that proper nutrition and hygiene are the main enablers that allow our pets to live longer and healthier lives, while maintaining optimal energy levels, well-being, and happiness.


With that in mind, our specialized nutritionists have carefully selected a unique range of healthy foods and treats from around the globe to nourish pets of all breeds and life stages. “Feeding their instinct” is our motto; it is based on feeding pets their primitive diets free from fillers and harmful ingredients, just like nature intended. Ensuring that you are feeding your pet right is our top priority, and for that we made our expert nutritionists available for free consultations for all your inquiries about your pet’s nutrition.


Moreover, to cater for the hygiene and the good looks of your pets, we offer top of the line grooming services. Our expert groomers will pamper your pets using the highest standards grooming products and tools, while you are away or sitting in one of our lounges in-store or on the promenade. Your satisfaction and your pet’s comfort are our priority.


While you are around, have a look at our pet care and lifestyle products; your pets will be grooving with style.

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