The freeze-dried food effect : changing the raw pet food game

The freeze-dried food effect : changing the raw pet food game

The freeze-dried food effect : changing the raw pet food game 

Technology has quickly made its way into every aspect of our lives – and although we might not often consider it, the same goes for our four-legged friends. Don’t think it stops at automatic cat-flaps and tennis ball throwers, though. The worldwide movement toward healthier alternatives in pet nutrition has sparked a need for innovation, and K9 Natural has responded. Introducing the latest advancement to reach your pet’s dinner bowl… Freeze-dried food. 

  • What is freeze-dried food? 

The idea is simple: to deliver a dry, raw, high-meat diet that retains the nutritional goodness of natural whole foods. Freeze-drying – a method of drying food using pressure – gives us just that. It’s a brilliantly simple technique, and the result has tails wagging all over the world. Firstly, the meat recipe is quickly frozen to lock in its nutrients. We then put that meat recipe in a vacuum seal and reduce the pressure. This evaporates the frozen water (ice!) in the meat directly into vapour during a process called sublimation. What’s left is the same recipe that we started with, except it’s completely dry.

  • Is freeze-dried food healthy for dogs or cats?

Same irresistible taste and natural nutrition We may have removed water, but we’ve held on tight to everything else. Freeze-dried meat holds the same nutritional quality, shape and colour of the original product without compromising on taste. Unlike frozen materials, which will deteriorate rapidly if the cold chain is not maintained, freeze drying better preserves biologically active cultures and enzymes which will benefit your pet’s digestion, skin and coat health. So just like all of our K9 Natural and Feline Natural products, our freeze-dried range is packed full of New Zealand wholefood ingredients – high in meat, low in carbs, and grain & gluten free. 

  • Is freeze-dried food better than kibble for your dog or cat?

Conveniently raw freeze-dried food products are a cut above kibble. They offer the same convenient, easy to feed format, long shelf life and no need for refrigeration, all with the natural goodness of a raw diet. It’s a good feeling knowing you’re nourishing your pets with natural, raw ingredients – and even better when it’s so straightforward! Our freeze-dried diets are also a quarter of the size and weight of the original fresh recipe, creating an alternative that saves on space and is perfect for travel. A holiday with your pup but without heavy canned food? Yes, please! Thanks to developments in food production technology, we’ve created freeze-dried food that is nutritionally superior for your dog or cat. As a proud group of passionate pet lovers, we’re dedicated to utilising the latest in cutting edge innovation to improve the lives of our four-legged friends, and those who love them most… You could say it’s naturally better nutrition.

*Article source: K9natural official content

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