5 unexpected reasons why dogs hate certain people

5 unexpected reasons why dogs hate certain people

Have you ever brought home a friend and your usually friendly dog unexpectedly started barking and growling at them? While dogs can be the friendliest of creatures, it is not uncommon that some dogs hate certain people. Read know the underlying reasons for their behavior. 

1. Tone of voice

Studies have shown that dogs are sensitive to the tone of voice. They're capable of understanding the tone of your voice and the meaning of your words. Therefore, their behavior is a reaction to the feel they get from your tone of voice. For instance, a high-pitched voice activates the reward centers in the dog’s brains whereas angry tones lead to negative reactions from the dog. 

2. Body language 

The body language of people helps dogs fill in communication gasps. However, dogs interpret the signs differently than how human perceive them. Let’s take the eye contact as an example. Unlike humans, direct eye contact is seen as a threat in a dog’s world.  Moreover, bending over the dog, making wide gestures with your arms, erratic movements, and forcing a dog into a hug are all bad body moves dogs don’t appreciate. 

3. How someone interacts with other people

To add, you can tell if a dog likes you or not by the way you interact with its owner. Don’t ever forget that dogs are Team Owner all the way! Based on a study performed by a comparative psychologist at Kyoto University, dogs can tell when a person is being rude to their owner and it was proven that dogs will hate and ignore this person. However, if you treat the owner well, they’ll love you! Keep in mind, the way you treat a dog’s owner is the way the dog will treat you!  

4. Smell

Furthermore, when dogs meet a new person, they use their sense of smell to determine whether they like this person or not. Studies have shown that the better their sense of smell, the pickier they are with whom they like or dislike. Eventually, if dogs like what they smell, you’re in luck. If not, they’ll just ignore and dislike you. Scents dogs usually don’t like include citrus, vinegar, mothballs and rubbing alcohol.  

5. Past traumatic experiences

Last but not least, dogs never forget about past traumatic experiences. Mistreated and abused dogs will develop trust issues towards people who are a reminder of the past. Gender, hair color, height, race, general appearance—the dog might respond negatively to anyone who reminds them of past pain. 

How to avoid your dog disliking people you know?

Don't let the first contact your dog has with your friend be intimidating to your pet. You need to train your dog to like people by asking them to ignore it when they first enter your house. However strange it might sound, ensure your friends don't talk to the dog or pet it, until the it comes around. Once your pet is more at ease, you can have them toss him K9 Natural and Tu Meke Friend treats. 

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